What do I need to do before I can book training?

You will need to have held a C class Car licence for at least one year for Light and Medium Rigid Trucks and for two years for Heavy Rigid classes. For Heavy and Multi Combination classes you will need to have held a Heavy Rigid licence for one year.

If you are going to be obtaining your LR or MR licence, then you will need to get your learners permit from The Department of Transport, which must be carried on you during all lessons and produced on the test day with Department of Transport. As soon as they have issued this you are ready to drive. At the same time as you get your test entitlement from Department of Transport you can complete the therory test. For MR (Medium Rigid) you will need to have passed this before you can take a driving test.

The test consists of ten questions, of which eight must be answered correctly. The ten questions are chose randomly from a set of seventeen questions so you will need to know the answers to all seventeen questions.

When you have the test entitlement and your theory test, give us a call and we will book your first training session at our nearest branch ASAP.