I only have an Automatic car licence. Can I still learn to drive a truck?

The short answer is YES! We frequently train people who have an auto licence to drive trucks. In many ways it is easier to train auto drivers than manual drivers. Driving a truck, especially those with a Road Ranger gearbox is very different from driving a four on the floor manual car. In fact manual drivers often find it harder to change gear than Auto drivers who have never used a clutch or gearbox in their life.

For those who want to stay with an automatic gearbox we also have a range of new Automatic HR Trucks. Automatic trucks are becoming more common every day. TransPerth buses are automatic, as are most concrete agitators and many other different types of truck. An auto truck licence is often the only requirement at many mine sites allowing you cash in on the WA mineral boom and get that highly paid job at a mine site.