Pilot/ Escort car Pilot/ Escort car


TLI10 - Training Package

The units that we cover in this training package are:

The Pilot/Escort Vehicle Course takes place over three days and will give you a good theoretical background and practical experience in the skills of Piloting oversize loads.

The first two days of the course are spent in our training room where you are taught the theory side of Piloting and you are also assessed.

The third day of the course is spent on the road doing practical training and assessment, piloting a 4.8 metre wide load approx 350 km. The practical assessment requires each trainee to Pilot the permitted oversize load as lead Pilot and as Rear Pilot.

RPL - Recognition for Prior Learning

If you have RPL from other states, we will recognise the units that are applicable to the pilot course. You must bring a statement of attainment covering the units.


To be able to enrol in the pilot course, all individuals must meet the following requirements:

Keen Bros is an accredited training company